Vestal pays great attention to detail, from the estimation phase of a project to installation and after sales service.

With a dedicated Customer Service department, Vestal follows a policy of maximum support to architects. Quick response and problem solving ensures that any design issues can be addressed and resolved, in both mass produced furniture and custom builds.

Design analysis is an activity that plays a strategic role today. Receiving the plans from the architects, vestal analyzes them with the Solid-Works® program, providing assistance with analyses, technical advice, and cost estimates for each stage of the project.

Our team of specialized partners thoroughly monitors all stages of the construction of the projects, working closely with architects, performing quality controls for the optimal approach to the plans and the timely delivery of the projects with the most ideal result.

Our orientation is to willingly listen to our customers' problems, and give the best possible solution before and after the sale. This is a commitment of the company.

It can happen to even the best products: In other words, to lose their value because their installation was not done correctly. That is why Vestal Group products are installed only by qualified and carefully selected experts.

Vestal provides the periodic maintenance service. For more information you can request the "Periodic Maintenance Agreement"

We trust our materials and our production method and provide you with a quality guarantee for our constructions.

We will deliver your furniture on time to the location of your choice. And if necessary we will assemble your furniture.