Furniture and wooden constructions to order

Vestal turns your aspirations into reality!
Specializing in crafting bespoke furniture and architectural woodwork, Vestal offers a wide array of highly specialized manufacturing capabilities tailored to meet the needs of commercial, public, and private projects.

Our company places significant emphasis on continuous growth and evolution. We commit to ongoing investments in research and development, acquiring knowledge in the realms of design and the necessary equipment for executing diverse designs and concepts.
Custom Made: Comprehensive Project Solutions.
Every single one of our products is custom-made. Each project is approached individually, taking into consideration customer preferences for materials, wood type, color, character, texture, finish, and construction specifications.

With innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to research, we can transform any project into reality.
From Estimation and Analysis to Full Implementation Vestal handles projects of all sizes and requirements, from start to finish.
Annually, we successfully complete an average of 10 comprehensive hotel unit projects and numerous smaller ventures, encompassing thousands of product variations. This showcases our ability to deliver both quality and quantity in our work.

Over 70 Years of Expertise and Experience
While Vestal may be a new company, its foundation and DNA trace back 70 years and span three generations of passion, skill, and a rich tradition in manufacturing furniture and constructing special projects on a large scale.